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Complete information manager for personal or family use


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With this program you can store all your important personal information such as your assets, income and expenses, phone book, diary, and so on.

Thanks to MSD, you can have all your important information in one convenient, secure, and easy-to-use program.

The program is divided into several different categories, all in a simple and intuitive interface that lets you organize all your personal information:

- Calendar, Alarms and Tasks: to organize time.

- Directions: to manage contacts.

- Files: to store generic information.

- Journal: a journal for personal or professional.

- Income and Budget: to control your cash flow.

- Health: to control family health.

- Music: to select the songs you want to listen while you work.

- Search: to locate information regardless of the category where it is stored.

MSD Organizer is an indispensable personal tool for all those who want to have their confidential and personal data organized and structured into one program.

New option that changes the color of tabs for events according to their priority.


Limited number of registrations.